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Valdeh a Curly Hair Expert and Creator of the Custom Curly Cut says, Do you have a daily battle with your naturally curly hair?

Are you tired of bad haircuts that require far too much time to style?

Are you still unhappy with the look after spending hours fighting for hours against the natural curl?

Is practically every day a “bad hair day” for your curly locks?

Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way!

For years I struggled with my own head of curls. I've experienced first hand: bad haircuts, products that promise and don't deliver endless frizz and frustration. I guess I was simply destined to become a hairstylist, as I've dedicated the past 29 years to learning to love my curly hair and becoming a Curly hairstylist . I'll show you how to love your own Curly Hair through: The Custom Curly Cut Just the right products to condition, style, and maintain a beautiful, natural look – with NO FRIZZ!

As a curly hair specialist, I understand that Curly Hair is Different! It requires a custom, detailed cut, and products that are suited to individual texture, curl type and desired style. I combine my artistic nature with an understanding of curly hair's special needs to help you get the look you want Don't you deserve to look your very best every day? I will teach you how to style your hair so that it looks just as beautiful day after day – not just when you leave my chair. Ready to get started? Just give me a Call or Visit my salon in Frisco Texas. You will wonder how you ever got by without a hair stylist that truly understands your curly hair needs!