How to style naturally curly hair

How to style your curly hair, define your curls, eliminate dry ends, prevent frizz.

How to style curly hair.

1) Start with Aquage sulfate Free Shampoo and conditioner

2) With a wide tooth comb or wet brush detangle hair while the conditioner is in the hair.

3) Rinse well.

4) Use a Microfiber towel and dry gently making sure the hair sopping wet.

5) Flip your hair upside down.

6) While upside down comb your hair with your fingers.

7) Apply a nickel size Aquage Cream on your hands, then apply to hair from roots to ends while still upside down.

8) Flip upright again and apply a nickel size Aquage Gel on your hands, then apply to hair from roots to ends every 2” parting making sure you cover 100% of the hair.

9) After completion of the application, flip hair upside down again and uses a microfiber towel and proceed to dry. Let hair ends rest on the microfiber towel. Bring all hair to the scalp then squeezes the hair from the ends toward the scalp. Squeeze for 5 seconds. Do not rub hair or will get frizzy.

11) Flip hair upright and look in the mirror making sure the hair is going in the direction you want and is free of tangles. Remember what you see is what you get, what you set is what you get.

12) Now you are ready to diffuse. Set the hair dryer on high heat, low air. Do not scrunch while drying or hair or will get frizzy.

13) Now set the blow dryer on High heat low air. When diffusing hair make sure you let the hair ends rest on the diffuser. Bring to the scalp and hold until gets too hot on the scalp. Rotate immediately to the next section and continue to do this until you cover every area of your head. Then go back to starting position and start all over again until the hair is completely dry.

14) For more curls, let hair end result on the diffuser and bring to the scalp

14) For fewer curls apply heat from side to side.

Valdeh with naturally curly hair model

Valdeh with naturally curly hair model