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When choosing your curly hair color make the right choice. The right color should suit your personality, your skin tone, and your eye color for the right hairstyle.

They are two basic types of skin tones - warm and cool.

Those with a yellow or golden skin undertone have a warm skin tone. One more easy way to tell if you have a warm tone is to look if the veins on the inside of your arms are tinged with green.

Those with pink or blue skin undertones fall into the cool category and they have blue-tinged veins. If you are fair, have pale-colored eyes and are naturally blond, choose different shades of blond and ash blond all over, or highlights and streaks for a natural look.

For more effect, intensify the color with touches of dark chestnut or warm tones that create a contrast between your complexion and hair. Be wary of very intense golden tones that can make your complexion look washed out.

If you are dark, with dark eyes, natural chestnut, brown or black hair, choose brown/chestnut or try highlights in mahogany, Auburn, chocolate to intensify your color evenly and achieve a natural look. For more effect, dare to go platinum blond, but only if you have very short hair to play with the contrast. Avoid golden copper and orange tones that can look too sunny.'

If you have pink and white skin, hazel eyes, natural light chestnut or auburn hair, for a natural look, warm browns and copper will accentuate your pink cheeks. For more effect, enhance your natural color with lighter streaks such as golden blond, or darker streaks such as copper. Avoid colors that are too noticeably lighter, such as ash or platinum blond, which can look cheap and out of place.

If you're redheaded with light eyes and natural red/blond or chestnut/copper hair, for a natural look stay with blond (strawberry, golden, copper and reddish blond) and variants of red. For a more dramatic effect, go for chic red highlights. Avoid black that weakens the features of the face and makes you look pale. Hair Color Red. Don't deviate from your natural color range.

If your hair is dark and curly and you want to go lighter- do it! But you should remember that your hair will look better if you stay within 3 or 4 shades of your natural hair color. And vice-versa.

Blond, brunette, red - it's only hair color, right for most women, hair color is part of their soul, their identity, It's extremely personal So, if you're going to put such a vulnerable aspect of who you are in somebody else's hands, it's important to work with a professional colorist who understands the emotional impact that altering your hair color can have. Some tips for your search:

To find a color professional, start by doing your homework. Word of mouth isn't enough when it comes to referrals. You actually want to see what the person can do. Ask for photos of the color makeovers that they've done; examine the hair of actual clients.

Call the salon and ask to book a consultation. It will be time well spent. Before you go, arm yourself with lots of photos that depict hair colors that you like, as well as colors that you don't like. Consider bringing along shots of yourself when you were a kid - believe it or not, that treasured photo that was snapped at your eighth birthday party will be very useful. It will help your colorist understand your original color (all those dye jobs ago), a variation of which is usually flattering to most people later in life.

At the consultation, be candid. This is no time to keep secrets. "Confess" to everything that has touched your tender strands over the past few years - including perms, relaxers and that color that you experimented with from the drugstore. All of this Intel will help the colorist understand exactly how your hair will react to subsequent color applications.

Search your heart and be honest with the stylist and with yourself. Be sure that your colorist makes you feel confident and trusting. Here are some clues. He gives you his undivided attention during the consultation, which he conducts in a quiet area of the salon where you can hear each other clearly. He looks at you - really looks at your hair, your face, your figure, your clothes - to try to understand who you are and how you like to present yourself to the world. He looks you directly in the eye during your conversation.

Don't let anyone talk you into something you're not ready to do. The hairstylist may be right about the best shade for you, but if you're not comfortable with the change, the most stunning hair color in the world won't make you happy. It's OK to say, "I'm not ready for a big change right now. I'm comfortable going toward the color you suggest, but slowly." This will give your eye (and your family, friends, boss, etc.,) time to adjust as your hair color evolves gradually.

"For every hair stylist, the goal is to take a hair color client through a transition that makes her feel great,". "Recognize that this is a psychological journey that you're taking together, and prepare for that journey wisely, and you'll be thrilled every time you look in the mirror." Call now to book your appointment at Curl Revolution Salon.

Long wavy red hair

Long wavy red hair