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5 stars

Brigine M.


After growing out my hair and going natural, I made the mistake of dying my own hair. I came to Valdeh to help me out of my hair coma. He took the time to explain the damage, walk me through the cut and then taught me how to take care of my curly hair. I have to start this journey again, but now I have the perfect guide. I found my hair magician!

5 stars

Steph P.


Valdeh is amazing!  My experience was everything I'd hoped it would be.  He spent lots of time cutting it dry, cutting it wet & then teaching me how to style it so it's not frizzy.  I've always worn my hair straight & I have to say I love the curls! You must go to Valdeh if you have curly hair!

5 stars

Nicole D.


I was in DESPERATE need of a good cut to revive my curls. I had been looking into a Devacut for quite some time but had been skeptical with the salons around me and my haircut phobia didn't allow me to just go to anyone so after doing some extensive research I found Valdez at Curl Revolution. Although he had some great reviews I'm not going to lie I was still scared to get my hair cut because I didn't want to lose too much length but I needed my curls back. After all the damage I had caused my hair EXPERIMENTING with dyes and heating tools my curl pattern barely existed so I called Valdez, made an appointment at Curl Revolution and drove 8 HOURS to the Dallas area just to see what he can do to save my curls. Valdez did an AMAZING job - he gave me a SPECIFIC cut that I really couldn't have gotten from anyone else. He took his time with me and I liked that I was the only one in the salon so he can focus on reviving these curls. The conversation was great and his vibe was awesome! He didn't go crazy with the scissors which made me very happy!!!! My curl pattern is back and my curls are finally moist and bouncy. He is seriously worth every penny I never knew I would give that much for a cut but I will definitely drive 8 hours to see him again for my next cut. So so happy with my hair - if you're looking for someone to help with your curly hair .. Valdeh is it!

5 stars

Sophia M.


My hair history consists mostly of annual highlights, until a few months ago when I attempted to dye it with a box dye, leading to the top half of my hair being light reddish brown, and the bottom being a dark brown. I immediately went to a nearby salon to attempt to have this corrected (back in April) and while they tried, I left the salon with a still far-from-consistent color throughout my hair.

Coming to Valdeh's salon with 3-tones of color, wanting it color corrected and cut, I was a little worried. Especially given my past with inexperienced hair stylists (very very few people know how to actually care for curly hair). Thankfully, Valdeh is not one of them. He has a vast amount of experience under his belt, and managed to give back my hair the luster and shine it once had, in a rich dark brown with some medium brown tones mixed throughout, and with the hopes of potential highlighting in the future. It is true, it is pricey, but very worth it in my honest opinion. The cut is the best I've ever received, he cut off my split ends and gave my hair lift by giving me underlying long layers (custom curly cut). 

Like everyone here has also mentioned, Valdeh is very patient and careful to explain every part of what he is doing, from the color to the cut to the styling. He taught me new techniques to make my hair look & feel amazing that I never would have thought of. Most importantly, he is one of the few stylists I have ever come across that cares more about how you feel leaving the salon than about how much money he makes off of you, which I found extremely refreshing.

5 stars

Colette L.


Valdeh is AWESOME! He totally saved my hair after it had been completely butchered by someone at another salon. (Ulta McKinney) He is truly an expert at curly cuts and was very patient and thorough, making sure that my hair was perfect. He spent a lot of time explaining the process and showing me how to style and care for my hair, so I'm able to get the "salon look" at home! I will definitely be going back to Valdeh from now on. Absolutely worth it. Thank you Valdeh!

5 stars 

Cyndi H.


If you are looking for a curly haircut in DFW, this place is your holy grail. I have received many curly cuts by stylists around the area, but no one has come close to Valdéh's patience, attention to detail, and overall talent. He has taken the time to obtain the knowledge needed to perfectly style curly hair, and he is just getting started. From talking to him, I can tell he is always challenging himself and will invest time and energy to keep his skills and equipment modern and sharp!

He started by giving me a dry cut (similar to a Deva cut which he has acquired training for), then a precision wet cut, and finally cut it again after styling and blow-drying to create a masterpiece. Along the way, he taught me how to recreate the look at home and gave me tips I could never learn through my hours of watching youtube tutorials.

Do not be intimidated by the price! Quality haircuts for long hair last at least 6 months and the one-on-one class he gives for haircare is worth it by itself. Your beautiful new hair will thank you!

5 stars

Lelo B.


For most of my life, my curly mane always gave me trouble; frizzy, flat, know what I'm talking about. 

Then I found Valdeh, and his business. What a difference! My hair is finally cut the way it should have been all these years. It looks great, and thanks to his products, it has bounce and shine.

And it does not take a whole selection of various products. Just a couple will do the job.

I am seriously happy that I found this place, and Valdeh. He is professional, yet nice and fun.

There is no question about it; go see him, you will be thrilled with the results.

5 stars

Heather W.


After years of growing out my curly hair, I finally decided to chop it off and go with a short A-frame bob. The only problem I had was finding a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair (curly haired people know exactly what I'm talking about). After looking and looking, I came across Valdéh at Curl Revolution, with 24 years of experience in cutting curly hair, he sounded too good to be true! I left a message hoping to get in before going out of town and Valdéh got back to me very quickly, and fortunately for me, had an opening! 

Valdéh is like a freaking magician with curly hair, I was early to my appointment and saw the middle and end result of his client at the time and was pleasantly surprised to see how great her hair looked once he was done. Any nervousness I had quickly went away. I had a couple of pictures of my inspired look, and he was great to really understand exactly what I was looking for. 

I have never had such a unique haircut as I had with Valdéh, he really knows his stuff and seriously knows curly hair. I was so excited to see my hairs beautiful transformation! He was nice to talk to, and was great in showing me exactly what he was doing so I could continue to style it the same way myself. He completely nailed the look I wanted! I am beyond ecstatic with my hair right now! I'm SO thankful I decided to go to Valdéh and will continue to make the drive to see him. 

If you have naturally curly hair, you really should do yourself (and your beautiful hair) a favor and see Valdéh, he is absolutely wonderful and will help you make all of your straight-haired friends even more envious of your curly locks.

Five star reviews on Yelp

Five star reviews on Yelp